Pro Map Callouts Vol.3 - Bocage

Bocage is a personal favorite of mine, especially for hardpoint. It has the perfect mix of long open lanes and close quarters action indoors. Search and Destroy and Hardpoint are the two modes played on Bocage, so whether you're a sniper, SMG or AR player, this map sets up every type of player to be successful. In the next video, Methodz and TJ of the Boston Breach take us through their callouts on Bocage to help you play like the pros.

What's the META?

Like I said before, this map is setup for all types of players. The current META being MP40 for SMG's, Automaton for AR's, and the Kar98K for the snipers. Recently the AS44 has had a buff in the recent patch, making it pretty cracked with the right attachments. With it still being one of the few AR's not restricted in ranked play, maybe we'll see a meta change soon.... or maybe the Automaton will continue to reign as the OP meta AR only time will tell. When Spart came into the league during Major II, he tried out a new meta with the Volk which helped his team fight through the loser's bracket to help his team win the tournament. Will we see something similar with the AS44 buff? Or will everyone stick to what they know?

(Hardpoint Rotations and Search & Destroy bomb sites)

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