Pro Map Callouts Vol. 2 - Gavutu

For part two of the map callout series, I'm choosing Gavutu. This has to be one of the most frustrating maps for callouts if you're not on or around the boat because saying "they're by the rock" or "on the tank" doesn't really help too much, WHEN THE WHOLE MAP IS ROCKS AND TANKS! Having universal names for each rock area and tank will make playing ranked play so much better when you're trying to grind for wins with randoms. Maybe your team wont have their mics on (like usual) but at least you'll be able to contribute by crushing your callout game. In this video, Major II Champions, Slasher and Spart, take us through Gavutu, giving us the callouts they used to fight through the elimination bracket to bring home the hardware in Major II earlier this year.

What's the META?

This map is designed for the long distance player. You will often see pro teams run one SMG and 3 long distance players, whether that be three AR's or 2 AR's and a sniper. Some may run two and two, allowing two players to play aggressive in the point and two defending. It all really depends on what strategy works best for your team's chemistry.

Personally, I prefer to use an AR on Gavutu for how long and open the paths are on the map. This map has really good heady spots and vantage points allowing me to play defensively, holding off the enemy team from long distances, so my team can cap the point.

Control Tip:

When attacking, I find capturing B first to be easier to win the round because B is a lot more open. If your whole team works together, one capturing the

point and three holding off the enemy, you can capture B pretty quick. That'll give you some extra time to attack A which is also further from the enemy spawn, making it tougher for them to defend if you can win your gunfights.

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