Pro Map Callouts Vol.1 - Berlin

Updated: May 6

So many times I have been playing games when all of a sudden I get killed and I'm trying to explain to my team where the enemy was so they don't succumb to the same fate. But yet I find myself scrambling to find the words to describe in good detail where they were. Often you are playing with completely different teammates each game, if you play ranked play and don't have a squad. It would be so nice to be able to callout a location with one simple word that your team understands. Unfortunately it would be impossible to practice callouts with every single team you play with, most of us just pickup-and-play with randoms. Luckily the pros in the CDL have made it simple for all of us with these great pro callout videos, so you can take your game to the next level. In this video, Afro from the London Royal Ravens takes us through every callout you need to know to dominate on Berlin.

What is the Meta?

As Afro said, most teams will run two subs and two AR's on this map because of the long open stretches outside and the close quarter action inside the buildings. With Berlin being added to the Control rotation, and the Volk being restricted over the mid season break, we might see a change in strategy for teams going into this map when the season resumes.

Since the ban of the Volk over the mid season break, the META has returned back to the original being the MP40 for SMG's and the Automaton for AR's. Will we see any pros or challengers try new loadouts in the CDL Pro-Am this weekend?

Hardpoint Tip:

When holding down P4, having one teammate hold spawn in the back of the map gives your team the perfect spawn to battle at P4. Most ideal is for the spawn holder to have an AR because it has a long open stretch to defend against enemies running out of train station and from P5. But make sure to be careful of flanks from behind Tin as you're left vulnerable with very little coverage.

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